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Future levels of electrolytic capacitors?

Huayu Electronics TH brand 700V high voltage electrolytic capacitors and super large capacity 100 * 270mm have been developed, capsun and TDK developed the YDK-700V capacitor materials used for the 820V has been applied in Japan capsun group sound, which great landmark, which means 537V 380V rectifier out after two no longer have to go to a series of 400V. Future performance electrolytic capacitor will increase as technology advances further development. Regular capacitance volume 700V100uf usually 35 * 80-100MM or 50 * 80-96MM priced at around $ 22.
Currently used in the world's top capsun, YAMAHA sound widely exported to Europe and America upscale hotel, the price $ 1,200 to millions of dollars a sound expensive, more used in a noble family and hotel. Small-volume high-capacity supercapacitor is gradually developed.
Electrolytic capacitor leakage current test methods and test conditions: at 25 ℃, measured capacitor series protection resistors are connected to a 1000Ω rated voltage, leakage current measurement. After applying a voltage 5 min, the maximum leakage current does not exceed the specification is qualified. Small-capacity electrolytic capacitor can be used 1min test results, large-capacity aluminum electrolytic capacitors will take longer test time, can be seen from the characteristic curves, current will infinitely approaching final "leakage current" value - Complement alumina current media needs. Electrolytic capacitor loss factor (dissipation factor, DF) can be understood as the alternating current excitation, electrolytic capacitor reactive power and equivalent series resistance (ESR) of active power. Obviously, this is the capacitance and equivalent series resistance (ESR) ratio. AC circuits RC circuit, but this ratio is very much like the right side next to the edge of trigonometric functions - tangent function. Therefore, the electrolytic capacitor dissipation factor (referred to as DF) a lot of technical literature, also known as the loss tangent. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are mainly rated DC voltage indicator voltage, rated voltage surges, transient overvoltage and reverse voltage,
Rated DC voltage VR is the rated capacitor DC voltage VR at the rated temperature range of allowed continuous operating voltage, which is included in the DC voltage and ripple voltage or continuous pulse voltage and the capacitor between the two electrodes. Typically, tantalum capacitor rated voltage marked on the surface. Typically rated voltage ≤100V T491B107M004AT as "Low" tantalum capacitors, while the rated voltage ≥150V as "high pressure" Capacitor