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Ultracapacitor can completely replace the battery

In July this year, Beijing and Shijiazhuang Development Zone Technology Co., Ltd. Jin Zhengping up Technology Development Co., Ltd. began mass production of large capacity capacitor. The success of this innovation commodity market in China has achieved marked break in the production of large-capacity capacitor. So far, because of its high technical content, as long as Russia, the US and Japanese manufacturers can produce this kind of large-capacity capacitor.

According to the Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Public Relations Officer Jin Zhengping LIU Song introduction, this product can be used as a secondary power supply to extend life expectancy. It can also solve the battery layout together doubt, prevent battery damage and shortened life expectancy at the time of discharge power. In addition the capacity of the capacitor can be increased seed Farah, if necessary instantaneous power from the secondary power supply is used as a single pulse.

Ultracapacitor can completely replace the battery, along with an internal combustion engine is started satisfaction, switchboard operation require instantaneous power equipment. In need of instantaneous power output along with a long stick supply, large-capacity capacitor will not appear frequently overloaded appearance, can significantly extend battery-powered cycle. "This product can reach a large capacity, high current and high voltage, and it can overcome the lack of welding machines and precious magnetization clumsy instrument." Liu assessment Road. Compared with the Russian goods, large-capacity capacitor mainland China with high cost performance. It also has environmental characteristics together, will not bring pollution to the environment.

According to Liu Jieshao, Beijing Jin Zhengping company's current annual production of up to 20,000, its merchandise registered trademark "is flat." "Today, our goal is the need to be satisfied domestic mall. However, because of its supply of wide range of applications and global mall missing, we will close attention to the export market, manufacturers looking to buy." Liu commented.