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What kinds of sound common electrolytic capacitors have?

Using only a few manufacturers, Sweden RIFA electrolytic capacitors. RIFA capacitor is too expensive because the price is so expensive, of course has its reason Needless to say, it must be performance and quality are really good to impress, or else sell so expensive people to buy strange. Yet the sound that rings in there for the birth to obtain the best and most advanced quality and spared no expense to the fanatics, of course, made from scrap it will not lower the price to where the

Especially the DM-100 and REF-1 and other flagship amplifier stage after the main filter capacitor, for example, there is a DaliGraviti after AudioNord level pricing is a five million yen (about 400,000 yuan) Another Danish audio quality Gryphon inside to use a lot of RIFA capacitors. That several white, large capacitors really was like canned amazing.

RIFA capacitor so that it benefits not only the low-frequency, RIFA internal equivalent inductance and capacitance equivalent resistance is very low. And because it's a pretty high frequency. And the current provided by RIFA capacitor can handle very large, fast charging and discharging, so that it can cope with the dynamic and powerful low-frequency large amount of current required.

If you long to save up enough money to buy a four-year-old can afford to do a filter capacitor with RIFA sound, RIFA capacitors also one of the most important features: long life. Continuous non-stop use of the boot, you probably can accompany a hundred!