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Improper use of electrolytic capacitors

Capacitors is an electronic industry is difficult to control quality components, caused by the electrolytic capacitor, product quality problems many manufacturers don't know how to check the quality of electrolytic capacitor, spend buying famous capacitors, that would raise the cost of many. I pass the exploration and practice, summarized a set of effective screening method and unconventional introduced the fixture self-made, brand, and a cow or counterfeit as quality. Conventional test method of e-books are commonly, do not repeat. Additionally, I feel proud of is the electrolytic capacitor, before I do and supplier of products and used, the competitor's products quality.
Principle: the electronic ballast of capacitor is the main problem in the work pressure value, or the temperature coefficient is caused by electrolytic damage. This method is of extreme job in electrolytic capacitor voltage recharge condition, through the electrolytic capacitors to detect the quality, if there are conditions under high temperature to do better. The screening If not, the performance of the electrolytic capacitor leakage, slightly other electrolytic capacitors store charge will be released by the capacitance, the results will be poorer performance of capacitance. Good performance electrolytic intact
Main components: T1 with 0-250V / 1KW from T2 to customize the regulator, lotus, parameters, 220/500W is boost 380V isolated transformer. Dc voltmeter with 1000V range. With the linkage of S2 S1 and switch, best can choose the emergency brake switch machine instead. Light bulbs with ordinary a. dahurica lamp is ok. The fuse with TV delay of fuse.
Method: to make a fixture, can put a lot of electrolytic capacitors. When the pin fixation, and can be reliably electrical connections. Then with a box, put all the things in the box, installation, bulb, switch and voltmeter regulating handle in the outer surface of the box, electric circuit can undertake electrolytic screening.
Methods: the first instrument commissioning requirements of electrolytic capacitors in accordance with the working voltage tune, electrolytic capacitors in the clamping fixture box shut, cover, press the power switch at the light bulb, the pointer is on the rise, voltmeter circuits for capacitors in that the voltage regulation, to recharge, bulb extinguished. Again, rotary switch, then jumped up to switch the light bulb, electrolytic capacitors in discharge, while the voltmeter decline in pointer. This instrument working normally.
Rated voltage selection method: normally, rated voltage elected electrolytic capacitor voltage 110-120% of the logo, such as identification, then, voltage 400V working voltage elected 440-480V between. Such instruments in high temperature conditions is elected in low temperature 440V, will choose to 480V.
Methods: the first operation according to the selection of electrolytic capacitor voltage, mark set off the power switch, mount electrolytic capacitor, clamping, cover box lid. Turn on the power switch, close, and three times, and then turn on the power switch, maintain half an hour, again, finally closed three times in the switch power supply switch, remove the electrolytic capacitor, this work finished screen.
Note: if the test process, rupture of the explosion, the electrolytic capacitor leakage of nonconforming product, other as.
Comprehensive screening method also includes electric leakage current capacity, and loss of Angle.