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External factors on the influence of aluminum electrolytic capacitors

External factors of aluminum electrolytic capacitor characteristics and has great influence on the life, basically has the following kinds of situations,
1, high frequency. The current through the capacitor I = 2 FCV PI, with the increase of frequency and surface effect, plus the electrode, and the frequency of effective area is inversely proportional to the square root, so if be extra frequency, electrolytic due to overheating and cause undesirable.
2, the high voltage. Use the voltage circuit exceeds the long-term rated voltage capacitance itself, not only can shorten life, and the use of capacitance will have noise, serious capacitance will explode.
3 and high temperature environment: insulation resistance become low, easy generation breakdown or shorter life expectancy, once the series resistance, high temperature will increase and shortened lifespan.
4 and high humidity environment: high humidity will make outer insulation insulation hygroscopic and cause undesirable or positive drawn by high humidity and aluminum terminals (anode) as a capacitor shell interlinked form a short-circuit.
Five, the static pressure environment: capacitance pressure because capacity will not change.
6 and capacitance mechanical stress, plus itself mechanical pressure, electrolytic capacitors within the internal pressure increased, electrolyte leakage, not only causes more performance degradation capacitance ontology will make capacitance of corrosion damage components nearby.