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Aluminum electrolytic capacitors and links

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors is widely used in the circuit and become one of the most common electronic components. Its features: 1) aluminum electrolytic capacitor, large capacity, electric capacity rate also big, 2 ratio capacity at low prices. 3 conductivity, excellent heat conductivity were compared. 4 look beautiful light. 5 with self-healing capability dielectric.
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the function is to prevent dc by alternating current. So for dc electrolytic capacitors is open. For ac, dc capacitor is access to communicate with the loop circuit. Capacitors to store charge, and the charge at moments of function, widely used in electrical zilu:
1 and filtering: filter as electrolytic capacitors are the most common purposes. Alternating current waveform is, all the dc voltage rectifying after more than half of the cycle is, the current in the many sinusoidal road is unable to use electricity, as a large capacity of parallel capacitor voltage is in charge, to let the electrolytic capacitors discharging voltage drops of capacitance current, provide capacity is enough big, can emit haven't how much power capacitor voltage drop, how much time is not, next to the peak voltage capacitor recharge again, can provide a stable dc voltage and current.
2, coupling, As the link between two circuits, allowing the ac signal through to the next level and transmission circuit.
3, decoupling (bypass) : for some of the shunt circuit elements provide low impedance circuit, usually choose high frequency and low impedance series electrolytic capacitors.
4, temperature compensation for other components of temperature, the adaptability of the impact of insufficient compensation, and to improve the stability of the circuit,.
Time: 5 and used with resistors, determine the time constant of the circuit.
6 and attune to the related with frequency, tuned circuit system.
7 and rectification: at a predetermined time open or closed semiconductor devices.
Storage: store electrical energy, if necessary, for release.
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor, which show different links are obviously different features:
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor, RongJian electricity series shows the following features:
1, the capacitor voltage sum equal to the total voltage capacitor,
2, the series of capacitor set bottom of total capacitance C is the sum of all capacitor capacitance countdown.
3 and the voltage distribution between serial capacitor and inversely proportional to the capacity of the capacitors.
4 and the distribution of energy between serial capacitor and inversely proportional to the capacity of the capacitors.
Aluminum electrolytic capacitor, electric RongJian parallel shows the following features:
1, the capacitor voltages are equal.
2, the battery capacitor equal the sum of the total quantity of capacitors.
3 and LianDian capacity of group C equal to each capacitor capacitance capacitance sum.
4 and shunt capacitor and distribution of electricity is proportional to the capacity of capacitor.
5 and shunt capacitor between energy distribution and the capacitor is proportional to the capacity.