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Aluminum electrolytic capacitor loss Angle measurement errors

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor loss Angle, say again SanYi factors, code is negative, the negative DF, electrolyte membrane surface to into this part of the energy consumed, popularly say: DF = tan?, = ESR/XC, type of capacitance equivalent series for internal ESR, RongKang for XC XC, PI / 2 = 1, type of FC F test frequency, C for capacitors static capacity. Impedance of absolute for = appropriate for ESR2 (Z), so XC2 + Oslash; relative Angle and Tan -- 1 (= - XC/ESR)
We used in the actual test instrument, general for on-site LCR meter, its internal impedance measurement method for actually means, so called impedance table, the method of measuring the size and priority, resistance to calculate the parameters of the other parameters such as DF. newly
We know that the same capacitance of the electrostatic capacity can reach ± 20% error, when the ESR, 20% of DF has ± variables, and capacitor is proportional to the values and DF ESR and directly affect longevity, but cannot directly reflect the capacitor DF loss. newly
In the frequency of testing, we should concern the loss, high frequency decreases with the increasing ESR, represent loss, but because of DF frequency increases, cannot reflect the actual loss, the capacitor should be measured by the parameters for Z mainly for ESR or.