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Energy-saving lamps with electrolytic capacitors with breakdown voltage of electrolyte and spark

Improving energy-saving and electronic ballast and key technologies of life
Along with the national "green lighting project" the implementation of the plan, the illumination energy conservation has become the concern of the whole society. The leader of the country, and from the ordinary, actively promote green lighting project. But after years of promotion, because of the good and bad are intermingled, inferior quality of energy-saving lamps filled with product market. Parts manufacturers because of improper energy-saving materials, make people short life there is a common energy saving, "not", "provincial electric don't save" awkward situation, the serious influence of green lighting project.
Based on experience and the concerned expert thinks, the paper energy-saving lamp, the reliability of the quality or ballast mainly depends on the quality and reliability of electronic components. Including ballast on filtering electrolytic capacitors, it is not only the greatest influence on the components of great influence, matching affect the stability of the grid. And the reliability of electrolytic capacitors itself than other components reliability is relatively low. So the quality of aluminum electrolytic capacitors restricts the electronic energy ballast quality. The electronic energy technology of aluminum electrolytic capacitors is mainly caused by the technology.
The author analysis of failure by energy-saving lamps, found that most of the failure is mainly for ballast filtering electrolytic capacitors caused by the failure of the capacitor, dissection in failure mode to have: electric capacity drops or no capacity and capacitor shell, bottom already open, explosion-proof tank leakage and capacitor pin the internal of capacitor core products, such as mentioned. So choose high quality capacitors and correct inspection parameters of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, has become a breakthrough improvement of energy-saving life. In a sense, the use of energy-saving compact electrolytic capacitor life equal to the life. The author after years of research thinks, energy-saving special aluminum electrolytic capacitors must satisfy the high temperature resistance, long life, small size, high resistance to high ripple, low impedance, low leakage current conditions. Main parameters and testing method are as follows:
1 loss at high frequency and low requirements, test method of bridge 1000HZ LCR: with the frequency measurement loss value, must be in 0.15 within
(2), high temperature leakage current. When using the electrolytic capacitors at 105 ° c to keep the constant temperature box at 105 ° c, 2 hours of environment with aluminum electrolytic capacitor leakage current measurement test leakage current than 0.005 CV. The nominal capacity or less than 2 times the value. (unit: UA)
3 no load and heat storage test must satisfy 1000 hours.
4 in the electronic ballast and energy-saving circuits, aluminum electrolytic capacitors should not only as the filter before class, high-frequency oscillatory after class. So the electrolytic capacitors under low frequency must in the electrical resistance.
Energy-saving use electrolytic capacitors is poor because of working environment, electronic ballast of limited space, small size, high temperature, working time is long, etc, the company is the production of light with electrolytic capacitors manufacturer specialized in electronic industry, the support. Has successfully conquer the difficulties. According to the energy-saving use electrolytic capacitors, key test capacitors under high temperature to withstand the heavy load capacity. Through continuous improvement and development of high conductivity of working electrolyte, reduces the capacitor series impedance, the optimum anode foil and seals and other materials, manufacturing process, key improved bold use a negative foil extensions technology, make capacitors can bear larger grain current. The cooling performance, and to guarantee the use of capacitor. Now we can use the stability of capacitor is your energy engineering quality and reputation with the security, the steady development of the market for energy-saving laid hold solid foundation.